Hello. We're glad you're here.

We put together some helpful information for your first visit...

Parking. When you pull in our lot, please consider flashing your lights.  We'd love to say hi!

Before you enter the lobby, stop by the First Time Guest Tent on your way in and grab a gift. It's waiting for you.

Coffee & Donuts.  After you enter the lobby, you're welcome to grab a cup of coffee, tea and/or a donut.  (Donuts are made fresh that morning by one of our local businesses!)

Groups.   Consider joining us at 9:15 for our Group hour.  Groups are a place where couples and individuals meet in smaller gatherings to dig into the word. FBCnl has something for everyone, so stop by Connections and we will help you find the perfect Group.

Services.  Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:30. You will be able to worship through music, giving, prayer and a message with multi-generational families.  Each service lasts just over an hour.

All Children.  We offer quality children's programming for your children... from babies to 6th grade.  After you stop by the First Time Guest Tent, one of our hosts will take you to the FirstKids Registration area to register your child.  On your first visit, you will be asked for your basic information (name, address, child's birthday and grade, etc.) and that info will be entered into a computer.  You'll be given a name tag label to place on your child and a security label that you'll keep with you. (Please hang onto this tag and return to your child's leader when you pick them up.)  

Preschool.  If you have preschoolers, you'll be guided to the age appropriate rooms where your children will be taken care of during the service.  Crafts, story time, activities and snacks will fill the hour that they are with us. After the service is over, please come to Kid Check Out and your children will be brought to you. 

Elementary + Middle School.  If you have elementary children (kindergarten - 4th grade) or middle school kids (5th & 6th grade), they will head upstairs to their class.  Surge is a fast-paced worship service where kids will learn Biblical truths in both a large and small group setting.  Through music, videos, creative storytelling, hands-on activities and games, we will try and help kids understand key truths and takeaways from every book of the Bible.  After the service is over, please come to Kid Check Out and your children will be brought to you.