We were created for a purpose. 

This means that we have a reason to live that is so much greater than ourselves. Each and every one of us were intentionally created by God to glorify Him by making much of Him in every area of our lives. To live for any other reason only leads to dissatisfaction and a lack of fulfillment. 

At FBCnl, we want everything we do to be an expression of this purpose and we are intentional about helping others discover the satisfaction that is found in living a life devoted to God's glory. 



We weren't meant to do this alone.

The gospel not only reconciles us to God but it reconciles
us to each other to live in community as family. It is through
being in community with other believers that we see that
fulfilling our purpose cannot be done alone. 

We have to fight against the increasing temptation to try

and live the Christian life in solitude. We work hard to build

strong communities that spend time with one another, care for

one another, encourage one another, and pray with one


We are capable of so much more if we work together. 


We've been given everything we need to fulfill our purpose. 

The Christian life is so much more than just attending church on Sunday. God has called all of us to do
the work of ministry and He has provided everything we need to be successful. The problem is that many
of us haven't been equipped with the tools that we need to confidently carry out this work.

That's why we are intentional about developing fully devoted followers of Jesus. At FBCnl, you can expect to
grow deeper in your faith than ever before. We are committed to empowering others
to live boldly and unashamedly for the cause of Christ.


We were meant to make a difference. 

If what happens within the church stays within the church, then the church has failed.
The entire world is in need of the hope that Jesus provides, and the most
effective way to bring this hope to them is through multiplication.

When a group of people who are united under the single purpose of glorifying God
commit to work together to make disciples, they will have an immediate impact
on their surroundings, changing their homes, schools, and cities for the better.
When that impact is multiplied through the planting of like-minded churches,
then there is no place on Earth that cannot be restored by the hope of Jesus.

This is how we change the world.